Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Alexander Technique Helps Back Pain

This is one of the best short videos on the Alexander Technique I've seen, and it details the results of the study done on over 600 people with back pain. In about 50 more years, it may be obvious to more people that the technique is very useful, but if the spine is out of balance due to structural misalignment at the atlanto-occipital joint, you can be more successful in every area of health once you correct that.

The principle in both disciplines is the same, and rooted in vertebrate physiology - the relation between the head and the body is important and determines the workings of the rest of the organism. The link with chiropractic is that Alexander addresses the emotional and self induced trauma that causes the vertebral subluxation and can reduce (but not eliminate) the affect of the spinal subluxation on lives.

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